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Compliance, business ethics and internal audit.
Building trust, through active compliance

DGL International is highly proactive in ensuring all our employees, contractors and partners understand there is only one successful and lasting way to conduct business: with ethics and transparency.

"We must preserve integrity, fairness and trust
throughout all opportunities and business relations."

Being able to respond to regulation and addressing risks is a core practice employed at DGL. We have created a specialized compliance department where our team manages a diverse range of risks that are inherent to the complexity of our operations.

Our compliance and risk functions are integrated to support management decisions, as well as ensuring all operational levels comply with an ethical conduct. Employees and contractors might be supervised by our Internal Audit programs in a proactive manner to strengthen our structure and evaluate risk exposures.

Key practices employed
  • Compliance program

  • Due diligence

  • Identity and document   verification systems

  • Anti-bribery/extortion

  • Anti-corruption

  • International AML

  • In-house risk systems

  • Internal audit

Strictly compliance policies are part of a dedicated and functional program to have risks assessed, monitored and controlled on daily basis. With a clear authority delegation structure, DGL optimizes senior management decisions while making sure our structure, assets, reputation and collaborators well-being remains protected.

Targeting our client's protection, we extend our intelligence services by providing a clear communication channel about any identified risks pertinent to third parts, sharing technical and informative data obtained through our compliance systems, thus supporting, benefiting and enabling our clients to make the most reasonable and secure decisions while working with DGL.

"At DGL International, every operation goes through the highest degree of compliance practices in multiple stages; assuring for
both our clients and suppliers that each next step is a secure one."
Compliance Awareness
Cargo Worker

By joining or doing business with DGL, all parts understand that:

DGL International maintains a dedicated compliance team, focusing on ensuring all employees and operations abide by the highest ideals of integrity and ethical business conduct.

Our trade compliance area, is responsible for controlling risks and avoidance of corruption, supporting all trade departments on managing market risk, credit and liquidity risk, physical and cargo liabilities risk, and providing active risk mapping for the operations and the selection of adequate business partners. ​

​Upon discovery of any supplier, contractor or business partner that does not satisfy or misrepresents the conditions under which crops, goods or services have been produced, DGL will take appropriate action, including the exclusion from new contracts, termination of relationship and reporting to authorities .

To report any suspicious or unethical activities regarding DGL International operations, email us at:

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