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Green business, legal and social responsibility.
Engaged in sustainable business since day one.

DGL employs green business practices.

As DGL trades and manages large agricultural operations, we understand the global necessity to set high green business standards. In order to supply our client's ever growing demand for grains, food products as well as metals and minerals extracted from earth, it is our planet improvement that motivates us to engage business in a sustainable and renewable way, allowing current and future generations to benefit from better soil, ample resources and granting them opportunities to prosper through healthy labor practices.

Although we are not growers of crops, by having strict policies and green practices since day one, we are able to work independently and ensure that all our industry partners respect and share our vision, which allows DGL to have a traceable green source for all goods traded.

New Growth
Building a Sustainable chain
Red Tractor in Field

"DGL coordinates and maintain a direct relation with certified producers, associations and trade partners, ensuring all parties contribute to build a sustainable chain."

Based on our strategic position in the supply chain, leading in 
all stages - since sourcing and procurement, commercializing and trading of goods, DGL is able to develop its own sustainability policies, through these policies we are able to work with a selected range of green industry partners.


To DGL, is fundamental that any potential supplier respects and consider our guidelines and principles to minimize environmental and social impacts, going beyond the duty of complying to laws
and regulations, as we actively promote responsible trade.

Understanding that by implementing these policies right at the sourcing phase, we can ensure all further activities DGL will perform (at commercializing and importing / exporting stages) comply with social and environmental legislation, and for local Brazilian producers, our compliance team ensures that sourcing is exclusively arranged from producers who must be themselves compliant to the Brazilian Rural Environmental Registry (CAR); thus benefiting legal
production groups that strive for sustainable development.

We are also engaged with associations to understand new legal requirements and local production challenges, allowing DGL to swiftly implement new supplying lines, alter logistic providers at will and responsibly notice our foreign customers of upcoming risks or critical alterations that might impact any trade operation.
Our distinct positioning in this business chain - aligning our vision, values, sustainability program, compliance and green business practices - is what enables DGL to help all the participants in the chain to improve their conditions and contribute to the planet.

Social Responsability
Planting Plants

The well-being, safety and development of all our employees and contractors is a core priority at DGL International.

Establishing and offering equal work conditions, for collaborators of all races and genders, help us create a healthy workplace that respects diversity and boosts cultural exchange. With multinational executives heading the company, DGL has ambitious goals regarding personal safety, happiness and loyalty levels, setting it as a key principle to enhance our global team mentality.

At the internal level, through incentives and flexible policies we are able to hire and retain talent, granting each employee or contractor the freedom of choice in all benefit packages, therefore, understanding each employee and its family have different needs.

On the external level, additionally to complying to all the fundamental social, human and labor rights of local and international governing conditions on the countries we operate, DGL goes one step further to understand how and under which conditions our partners, farmers, miners, producers and communities  involved on the agricultural or mining fronts could benefit in doing business with us. It is our responsibility to ensure all parts involved are like-minded in this matter.

Respect of land rights, indigenous people, labor forces and worker's rights, respecting above all, the human rights to maintain a positive community sense is part of our social commitment. 

Fundamentally DGL International is an independent free-market corporation, where we support and invest in associations that influence or engage with local representatives to eliminate deforestation, conserve ecologically valuable resources, discourage and eliminate miss-usage of native vegetation areas, as well as respecting protected areas and its species.

Ethics and Fair Trade

All employees and executives of DGL International must strictly comply with the principles of ethics in all aspects of business.
Including leadership decision-making, order processes, job performance, elimination of all forms of favors and restricting business influence relation to outsiders of the corporation. 

To achieve our development and succeed in international trading, we will firmly establish our ethical culture, acting as a globally recognized firm, that strengthen fair trade rules by understanding an ethical market is a sustainable one.
Thus helping DGL continuous growth and becoming the best trading partner for our clients, the best investment for our shareholders and the best workplace for our employees.  

Farming Field

"An ethical market, is a sustainable one"

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