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White Refined Sugar

Brazilian GMO Soybeans

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We deal with Agricultural and Metal commodities.
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White Refined Sugar

Brazilian GMO Soybeans

Main traded and exported products:
International Trade - Exporting excellence

DGL International is a professional trading company engaged in two main business sectors, the agricultural and food resources trading, and the metal products trading. Our accumulated business know-how and ample network are leveraged through our distinct business model and operational solutions, allowing us to maintain focus and step-in as a much needed solution bringer or operation partner in export, import and trilateral trade of commodities.


We are enhancing the competitiveness of our existing businesses, as our greater value added expertise and capabilities of coordinating complex operations under DGL security and operational management, contributes to bring much more than transporting goods from country to country. Its the expansion of national trade volumes and winning relationships with our partners and customers while we provide essential agricultural and metal resources for economic growth around the world.

Our strategic positioning in Brazil allow us to secure a stable and reliable commodity supply with local sources, deepening our range of available volumes while maintaining each supplier reliability and integrity measure under our control.
As a fundamental part of our strategy to become a world-class trading company, DGL has a commitment of verifying each exported good's source, in order to assure is sustainable, legal and able to deliver the highest grade of quality expected by our customers in both domestic and international markets.